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Another NutriBullet Bites the Dust

As someone who suffers from chronic illness, I have come to depend greatly on my daily smoothie.  I received my possible diagnosis from my general physician in March of 2015, and by September I was officially seeing a rheumatologist being diagnosed first with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Both before and after my diagnosis, to know what I was going through, I began my endless quest for more information and more adjustments I can make that would help my medication work better, but nourishing my body with supplements and more healthy foods.

By October, my whole life was under great amounts of stress. One stressor was my father being in the hospital with an infection. While my mother and I spent time there, I decided to basically study nurses. For one thing, I knew they spent hours-upon-hours on their feet. And for another, I knew they had to have energy for those long shifts. So, I made it my mission to find out two things: what kind of shoes they wear and what they do to increase energy.

The shoes question arose from the fact that my feet and ankles were affected by the R.A., and it made it basically impossible to wear “normal” shoes. In order to be able to get around at all, I really wanted to relieve some of the pain from my feet and ankles, which required good shoes.

But the second item required more of a long-term investment in myself. How do I get more energy? R.A. and the other autoimmune issues I suffer from drain me constantly. Fatigue is a symptom of each condition, so I have fatigue piled on fatigue.

When I was chatting to find out if there’s something I could do about my fatigue with one of the nurses, she told me about how she keeps going on those long shifts, she told me that recently she had started doing green smoothies. She said she had one every day and it made quite a difference.

This was music to my ears. She told me she had bought her latest one for around $100 (they have since gone down in price.) I’m not one to want to spend money, but I always remind myself that it’s cheaper than having to add another medication right now.  So I bit the bullet (or NutriBullet?) and bought myself one.

Within about a year I used the first one nearly to death. The blade was too dull to chop some of the things that I put in it, so I was doing more chewing of my drink than I would like. While these smoothies differ because you can have peelings of fruits like apples in it, you also have to get the balance of liquid right or you’ll end up with the green smoothie pulp in a chewy mass at the bottom of the cup. As it got older my smoothies got chewier and I had more problems preventing it from leaking from not sealing fully. I gave that one to charity and bought myself another one in October of 2016.  And that one has lasted me through a ton of smoothies.  It has taken me a couple years to get a routine where I have some store bought Naked Juice alternating with my own smoothies from fresh greens and fresh frozen fruit.

Today, was the last day I used that nearly two-year-old smoothie maker. May she rest in peace. I saw evidence of sparking from the motor and decided that it was time to put my dear sweet Nutribullet on the island of lost electronics, to be disposed of at the next electronics recycling event.

What was my next move? Will I give up my smoothies? Nope. I need them now more than ever.  I feel a real difference when I can’t get them. I can usually wing it for a couple days just adding some matcha green tea to my diet, but beyond that, no. These smoothies give me a marked uptick in what I can do. I can keep my inflammation way down and add a bit of energy.

Not too shabby, I would say. And now they’re only $60 for that same model I bought two years ago. A total win for me.





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